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About Resolution Companies

Resolution Economics Group is the parent company of Resolution Economics, Resolution Compliance, Resolution Advisors, Resolution Workforce, and Resolution Information. Our professionals are credentialed and experienced experts in their fields, many holding advanced degrees such as PhDs, MBAs, MAs, and CPAs. We provide sophisticated economic, statistical, and financial analyses, business operations advice, and specialized software solutions to leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.


Our Process


Identifying and Collecting the Right Data:

Analyzing the right data is essential in solving today’s business problems. Resolution Economics’ professionals think of creative ways to utilize existing data, and when no data exists, we are experts at devising methods to collect the information needed to study the issues at hand.


Interpreting the Data:

Being involved in several hundred class action lawsuits gives Resolution Economics unique insights into how data can be used to address complex business questions. Common elements of our work are expertise in sophisticated computer programming and advanced statistical analysis.


Finding Solutions:

The hallmark of our work is creative and careful thought, incorporating the insights of economics and individualized study of each client’s business setting. Our greatest successes have been resolving matters that we have inherited from other analysts, after they have failed to find solutions to especially thorny problems.


What Makes Us Successful:

Resolution Economics has consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver insightful, innovative thinking and rigorous analysis to solve complex problems. Clients trust in our experience, our creativity, and our history of delivering outstanding results. We get these great results because we don’t just crunch numbers – we solve problems.


Untitled-1_oneRichard Goldberg, M.A. Director

Resolution Economics

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November 21, 2013 @ The LA Convention Center – Reserve a table here.

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September 09, 2013

Robert Crandall, Elaine Reardon and Hassan Assaf to attend American Conference Institute’s 19th National Forum on Wage and Hour Claims and Class Actions

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